Master cheese-maker Giuseppe Saputo and Frank, his eldest son, leave their small village of Montelepre, close to Palermo, Sicily, and emigrate to Canada, convinced that this is the ideal country to provide a better future for their family in the wake of the Second World War.


Two years later, Lino Saputo, his brother Luigi and sisters Rosalia, Elina, Maria and Antonina, join their father and brother in Canada along with their mother, Maria.


As was the case with many immigrants, the Saputo family’s first few years in Canada are difficult. Everyone must do their part to put food on the table. After a few years spent in Montreal, Lino Saputo convinces his father, Giuseppe, to start his own business. In September 1954, using $500 to buy some basic equipment and a bicycle for deliveries, the Saputos found their very own company bearing their name. Through the effort, determination, sacrifices and courage of each member of the family, their company got the initial push it needs to establish itself in Montreal’s Italian community. During the same year, the Saputos welcome their newest member, John, born on Canadian soil.


Saputo’s first sizeable production facility is built in Montreal’s Saint-Michel neighborhood. This event coincides with the pizza’s sudden increase in popularity with North American consumers.


During the sixties, Saputo goes through a considerable growth period as demand for its products increases.


During the seventies, Saputo acquires several manufacturing plants and, with the help of John, Lino Saputo’s brother and the family’s youngest child, the company develops its own national distribution network to meet its rapidly increasing needs. Saputo becomes the nation’s most important mozzarella producers, mainly supplying the food service segment.


During the 1980's, Saputo acquired a whey-processing plant. The Company also established itself outside of Canada for the first time with the acquisition of 2 plants in the United States.


By the end of the nineties, the Company secures several strategic acquisitions, enabling it to diversify its production and distribution.

In 1996, the Company purchases Fromages Caron inc., a Québec-based importer and distributor of fine cheeses.


The Company completes its initial public offering in Canada.

The Company triples in size and takes its place among the Unites States’ leading natural cheese producers through the acquisition of Stella Foods.

Saputo also acquires the Québec-based Crémerie des Trois-Rivières ltée to enter the fluid milk market.


Saputo acquires Culinar Inc., a leading producer of snack cakes, fine breads, soups and cookies in Canada.


Saputo acquires Cayer-JCB Group Inc., a Québec-based producer of European-style cheeses, such as havarti, brie, camembert, feta and goat cheese.


Saputo becomes the number one player in the Canadian milk producing industry through its acquisition of Dairyworld Foods, an important Canadian producer of fluid milk, cheese and other dairy products.

Saputo completes a partnership deal with Dare Foods regarding the production and marketing of cookies, fine breads and soups from its Culinar branch, acquired in 1999. 


Saputo becomes the leader in blue cheese production for the USA retail segment through the acquisition of operations related to the Treasure Cave and Nauvoo blue cheese brands.

Saputo expands beyond North America through the acquisition of Molfino Hermanos S.A., Argentina’s third biggest milk processor.


Owed to the efforts of its founding members Lino Saputo, his brothers Luigi, Frank and John, and his sisters Rosalia, Antonina, Maria and Elina as well as their parents, Giuseppe and Maria, in 2004 Saputo celebrates 50 years of growth, passion and craftmanship.


The Saputo family continues to grow by acquiring controlling interest in Quebec-based Fromage Côté S.A. and Kingsey Distributions Inc., as well as Schneider Cheese, Inc. an American string cheese and cheese sticks producer.


Saputo enters the European market by acquiring controlling interest in Spezialitäten-Käserei De Lucia GmbH, a cheese producer based in Heiden, Germany who makes and markets Italian specialty cheeses, such as mozzarella, ricotta and mascarpone.

Saputo continues to expand its Bakery Division by acquiring controlling interest in Quebec-based Boulangerie Rondeau inc. and Biscuits Rondeau inc.


In April, Saputo acquires controlling interest in the Land O’Lakes West Coast industrial cheese business. Its activities include the production, sale, cutting and packaging of mainly mozzarella and provolone in Tulare, California.

Saputo once again enters the European market by acquiring controlling interest in Dansco Dairy Products Limited in March 2007. Based in Newcastle Emlyn, Wales, in the United Kingdom, Dansco mainly produces mozzarella for the foodservice segment.


In April, Saputo acquires controlling interest in Wisconsin-based Alto Dairy Cooperative. Operations include the production of Italian and American style cheeses, as well as whey, which are marketed across the country under various brand names.

In December, Saputo acquires the activities of Neilson Dairy, the dairy division of Weston Foods (Canada) Inc. which manufactures, sells and distributes, primarly fluid milk and cream in Ontario.


In June, Saputo completed the acquisition of the activities of F&A Dairy of California, Inc. which includes the manufacturing, selling, and distribution of mozzarella, provolone and whey products from one facility in Newman, California.


Saputo Inc. acquired Fairmount Cheese Holdings, Inc., the parent company of DCI Cheese Company, Inc. (Richfield, Wisconsin), in March 2011. It holds an important portfolio of import licenses for specialty cheese manufactured abroad.


In January 2013, Saputo Inc. acquired Morningstar Foods, LLC, a subsidiary of Dean Foods Company. Morningstar produces a variety of dairy and non-dairy extended shelf-life ("ESL") products in the United States, including creams and creamers, ice cream mixes, whipping cream, aerosol whipped toppings, iced coffee, half and half, value-added milks, as well as cultured products such as sour cream and cottage cheese.


In February 2014, Saputo Inc. acquired a relevant interest of 87.920% of Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Holdings Limited. Warrnambool is the fourth largest dairy processor in Australia, and produces a range of dairy products for domestic and export markets, including cheese, butter and butter blends, milk, cream and dairy ingredients. Warrnambool is a public company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

In April 2014, Saputo Inc. acquired the fluid milk activities of Scotsburn Co-Operative Services Limited. Based in Atlantic Canada, the Scotsburn Fluid Milk Business operations consist of manufacturing, selling, marketing, distributing and merchandising of products such as fluid milk, cream, sour cream, ice cream mix and cottage cheese.


In May 2015, Saputo Inc.’s Australian subsidiary, Warrnambool Cheese and Butter Factory Company Holdings Limited (“WCB”) acquired the everyday cheese business (“EDC Business”) of Lion-Dairy & Drinks Pty Ltd based in Victoria, Australia. This acquisition allows WCB to increase its presence in consumer branded everyday cheese products segment in Australia with strong market positions in this segment.

In October 2015, Saputo Inc. acquired the companies forming Woolwich Dairy. Woolwich produces, distributes, markets and sells goat cheese in Canada and the USA. They are a leading manufacturer of branded and private label goat cheese for the North American market.