Mr. Camillo Lisio, President and Chief Operating Officer is leaving the Company

(Montréal, April 6, 2001) – Mr. Lino Saputo, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Saputo Inc. announced that Mr. Camillo Lisio, President and Chief Operating Officer is leaving the Company.

“After 18 years with Saputo, the last three as President and Chief Operating Officer, I had the privilege to participate in the development of a company that has become a leading participant in the Canadian agribusiness. The solid foundation on which the Company is built, as well as the seasoned professional team that manages it, have given me the necessary latitude to reflect in-depth on my future and on my desire to take on new challenges and explore other alternatives that may be presented to me.” declared Mr. Lisio.

“It is with regret that I have accepted Mr. Lisio’s resignation.” indicated Mr. Saputo. He expressed his appreciation towards Mr. Lisio for his contribution to the growth of the Company as well as for his close and precious cooperation with him and all members of the management team. “Following Mr. Lisio’s departure, I will take on the responsibility of the Company’s activities. With the support of the management team already in place, and strengthened by our human resource, we will pursue our growth objectives with success.” added Mr. Saputo.

About Saputo

Saputo Inc. is a North American manufacturer of dairy and grocery products. From its dairy processing operations, Saputo manufactures predominantly Mozzarella, with expertise extending to other Italian cheeses, European cheeses and North American cheeses, as well as fluid milk, yogurt, butter, skim-milk powder, juices and value-added whey by-products such as lactose and whey protein. Some of the Dairy Products Sector's leading brands are Saputo, Stella, Frigo, Dragone, Dairyland, Dairy Producers, Baxter, Armstrong, Caron and Cayer. In Canada, Saputo also operates a distribution network where it markets a wide variety of imported cheeses and non-dairy products to complement its cheese offerings. Through its Grocery Products Sector, Saputo manufactures and distributes snack cakes, cookies, fine breads and soups, under such well-known brand names as Vachon, Viau-McCormicks, Grissol and Loney’s.

Saputo employs over 8,450 people in its workforce. In its Dairy Products Sector, the Company operates 15 plants in the United States, as well as 35 plants and a network of 17 distribution centres in Canada. In the Grocery Products Sector, Saputo operates five plants in Canada along with a direct-to-store delivery network of 53 warehouses and five distribution centres. Saputo shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol SAP. For more information, visit the Company's web site at

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