Our Dairy Products

Our product offering includes a complete range of dairy products, such as fluid milk, flavoured milk, cream, yogurt, butter and butter blends and milk powder.

In order to not only satisfy, but also surpass our consumers’ expectations, we also offer a variety of functional milks, value-added products and organic products. A variety of dairy and non-dairy extended shelf-life products, including cream and flavoured coffee creamers, juices and drink, ice cream mixes, whipping cream, aerosol whipped toppings, iced coffee, as well as cultured products, such as sour cream and cottage cheese, complete our product line up.

Fluid milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream and butter

Fluid milk, functional milk, organic milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, coffee creamer and butter

Flavoured milk

Flavoured milk

Fluid milk, flavoured milk, functional milk, cream and butter

Milk powder


Fluid milk, functional milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream, coffee creamer and butter


Fluid milk

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Cottage cheese, sour cream, buttermilk

Fluid milk, flavoured milk, cream, whipping cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, ice cream mix, non-dairy creamer

Butter, cream and milk powder

Milk powder

Cheddar cheese. Fluid and flavoured milk.

Cheddar cheese, colby and gouda