Community Investments 2015_EN 

Since our founding in 1954, it has been important for Saputo to give back to the communities which have supported us and helped us flourish.

We aim to inform, encourage and support communities, in which we operate, to adopt a healthy-living lifestyle through good nutrition and physical activity. As such, Saputo is committed to investing approximately 1% of our pre-tax profits in the communities where we are present. This figure represents financial contributions, employee volunteering and product donations, which will serve to help a healthier society stand together.

Please note that our sponsorship and donation committee meets every quarter (January, April, July and October) to assess sponsorship and donation opportunities. As such, requests should be made well in advance of the start date of the project. Any request made less than four (4) weeks before the event or project start date will receive an automatic refusal letter.

If your request does not meet our social commitment objectives mentioned above we cannot guarantee a response.

We are unable to support projects which are personal, artistic, religious or political in nature.