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Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship Requests


Saputo partners with organizations whose core mission is to inform, motivate and pursue initiatives that help communities adopt healthy lifestyle habits through proper nutrition and physical activity. While we certainly recognize the importance of other causes, we aim to support those that align with our community engagement objectives in order to make a positive impact in the lives of our consumers, employees and people in the communities around the world where we are present.

As such, we support projects that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Non-profit organizations with a mission of promoting healthy living initiatives.
  • Projects must have definable and measurable social outcomes.
  • Projects must be rolled out in Canada, the United States, Argentina, Australia or the United Kingdom.


Please note that any request made less than six (6) weeks before the event or project start date will automatically be refused. We do not provide support for sports teams or student faculty projects, or for projects which are personal, artistic, religious or political in nature.

If your project is within our scope and meets our selection criteria, we invite you to submit a sponsorship request through our online submission form. An email confirmation will be sent when your request is successfully received. 
Please note that we cannot a guarantee a response for submissions which fall outside the scope of our objectives or do not meet our sponsorship criteria. Please allow 6 to 12 weeks for the evaluation of sponsorship requests.

Please note that the terms and conditions may change depending on the country.